MEAS for aluminum

High reliability at high speed machining of aluminum.

Serrated insert pocket to resist centrifugal force to ensure stable, high speed machining. 3-axis machining with a max. ramping angle of 20° (ø25) PDL025 achieves long tool life with hardness close to that of diamond MEAS.


Excellent scatter prevention to ensure stable, high speed aluminum machining. 3-axis machining with large ramping angle for a wide range of machining applications.




1. High reliability and high efficiency machining

Serrated connection between the insert and holder
provides high speed aluminum machining (ø32: recommended max. cutting speed Vc = 3,000 m/min).


Centrifugal force is applied across the grooved surface to reduce pressure on the insert screw.
Prevents insert screw breakage and safely secures the insert during high-speed revolutions.



2. Low cutting force with sharp cutting edge

  • True rake angle: Max. 20°
  • Low cutting force and excellent chattering resistance


True rake angle: Max. 20°



3. Wide variety of applications

Max. ramping angle 20° (ø25)



  • Face milling & shouldering
  • Slotting
  • Contouring
  • Pocketing
  • Ramping
  • Helical milling
  • Plunging